What if your clothes are painted by an artist? Then it will not be a product at all from the factory assembly line, but a work of art that belongs only to you!

The Anna's Designs brand was created by two Annas, two girls, two designers in a difficult time, when people are not interested in much and sad a lot. But there is a panacea for all anxieties - art. This is something that always delights and inspires.

Anna Karapetyan and Anna Khora are two creators, completely different directions and different destinies, but looking in one direction, towards the creation and improvement of the lives of people striving for individuality!

Anna Karapetyan is the creator and chief designer of the brand of wedding and evening dresses "Anna Karapetian", which has been successfully developing since 2013. Models of this brand can be seen in vintage boutiques throughout Europe.

Anna Khora is a designer and artist who has been working for over 20 years in various fields of art, such as architecture, fashion, scenography. Her paintings are in private collections and in many galleries around the world. And now her indefatigable imagination pleases our clients with a variety and originality on clothes and accessories of the Anna's Designs brand.